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At Plucky Petals Art Studio, children are immersed in an in-depth art exploration! They are exposed to new techniques and media as they build skills over time and the projects are always engaging and educational! They will delve into the creative process with a variety of materials and techniques: tempera, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, clay, oil pastels, soft pastels, drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, etc.… Each session will include a variety of subject matter, landscapes, figures, animals, art styles, and art history, just to name a few.  While each class is focused on a particular project, I encourage students to express themselves creatively, making everyone’s finished project unique.  


My art curriculum meets National Core Art Standards and will focus on particular skills, elements & principles of art, and media techniques that will help students build confidence and skill on their path to finding their own unique style. 

Homeschool Art Classes

Weekly Art Classes at Kitsap Family Learning Center in Port Orchard, on Tuesdays & Thursdays for different age groups. For details please click here.
After School Classes: 
Weekly Art Classes at my home-studio in Bremerton, on different days for different age groups. For details please 
click here.
Art camps are packed with many delightful themes and projects which bring lots of excitement, fun, and learning during the school breaks. Please
click here for more information.

Workshops: Art workshops are 2-3 day classes packed with many marvelous themes and projects which bring lots of excitement, fun, and learning during the school year. 

 What a special home for my daughter to explore the world of art and different art medians! This was her first art experience and she LOVED it. I am so grateful to Nicole for helping a mama be at ease. We highly recommend Plucky Petals Studio and are excited to attend again .

— Amber Augspurger

“Nicole is amazing! So much learning packed into just three hours each day for camp. My 7 year old thoroughly loved it. I wish we could do more camps this summer. I highly recommend Plucky Petals!”

— Sharalyn Jackson Shafer

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